1. Crime Scene lip art by Chuchy5
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Idiots. A level of savings with such a switch should not even be up for vote; it should already be implemented.
This change is right up there with “changing fonts to save millions”. It needs to happen and now.
  3. Just the latest in government attacks versus off-the-grid living. I love Robin’s stance on that it is the government that needs to justify their actions, not the individual.

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    Honey Maid received ten times more notes of support than the hate messages they got from your cohort. Your hate is no longer socially acceptable. Their message to you is that you can boycott and scream all you want. They’re going with love.

    (via Honey Maid Responds Beautifully To Anti-Gay Haters Upset About Their ‘Wholesome’ Campaign | Truth Wins Out)

  5. magnius159:

‘Obama-Lynching’ Facebook Page Hilariously Hacked By Liberal Trolls (IMAGES)
Hackers took over the right-wing Facebook page that called for lynching President Obama and hilarity ensued.
Last week, America the next Generation called for hanging President Obama and making the day of his killing a national holiday. Obama’s head was superimposed over that Saddam Hussein just before he was executed. After an outcry calling upon Facebook to take the page down and for the US Secret Service to investigate, page admins removed the offensive image. But what the page owners didn’t expect was to be hacked and taken over by left-wing trolls.
So the question is, what will Facebook do? They didn’t take down the offensive photo or punish the page that posted it because for some reason, making threats on the life of our President somehow doesn’t violate their ‘standards.’ Hacking, however, does. Of course, hacking a Facebook page isn’t nearly as bad as calling for lynching America’s first Black president. If Facebook takes action against the hackers and not those who posted the offensive material in the first place, it would prove how screwed up Facebook’s ‘standards’ are.

According to United States Code Title 18, Section 871, threatening the President’s life is a felony. Therefore, the Secret Service should do their job and charge the owners of the page. And while they’re at it, they can charge them with treason too. Also, Facebook should take the entire page down and ban the creators. Calling for hanging the legally elected President is not protected “free speech.”

The Internet is the new Wild West… and the stakes could not be greater.
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  7. Remember This. RIP Michael Hastings, 2013
The man who said, “We [the press] declare war on you [The United States Government]." His death was not an accident.
Photo: Michael Hastings Crash Site by Clint Milby on Flickr.
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  11. "Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness."

    Alejandro Jodorowski
  12. The Slavery of the Invested

    I laugh, even if my laughter has small traces of sadness. Most of those in my tribe are those who call themselves anarchists, rebels, and/or revolutionaries. Then, just weeks ago, many of these same “rebels” were saying, “Oh, no, the government is shutdown. We need to do something about it.” Those who normally call for the end of government are suddenly stressed when it is shut down? I’m amazed at how many live their lives immersed completely in their own hypocrisy… and I’ve been very busy in quite a few fights over this past week.

    If I had to put a number to it, I’d say that at least 80% of Americans are invested in the government. That means they are in organizations, institutions, or companies that get funding or other support from the government — or, alternatively, they have at least one person (friend, family, or otherwise) who is significant in their lives, and that one person (or more) is supported by the government. And that investment has bought them out. These people are bought and paid for and, no, they very much do not want to stop the government.

    It doesn’t matter how many bombs are dropped on innocent people, it doesn’t matter how massive and intrusive the spy campaigns are on any shore, it doesn’t matter how deeply the privacy of every human has been invaded, and it doesn’t matter how many innocent people are kidnapped and tortured and killed by the government. It doesn’t matter. People who are invested will find a “good reason” to excuse the government for the terrible atrocities it commits, because they have been bribed… and bribed well.

    The only terrorists that ever existed are the ones who hold the thrones around the world, and those who stay in the shadows and whisper in the ears of the thrones.

    So take your thirty silver.

    But those coins are covered in blood, lovelies.

    And you’ll never wash out the smell of blood.

  13. Big Brother by Aegis-Strife
  14. This 3-minute short is more poignant, better constructed, and so much more funny than almost any 3-hours of programmed television. Mad thanks to BMFD for linking me up.

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  15. Vote “No Confidence”. Reboot the American Government.

    Sign this petition [Here on WhiteHouse dot Gov], to add your voice to a vote of “No Confidence” in the 112th Congress. From the petition:

    Around the world, we are seeing people in many countries rising up together in support of fixing the problems being caused by their government. When our country was begun, the option to change our government was granted and protected. However, this now seems impossible with the federal system today because it is so full of power struggles, in-fighting, bureaucratic red tape, corporate control, secret agendas & rulings that undermine our open democracy and many more problems.

    In essence, it is time for us to clean house. We need a national vote about the entire federal level of government. A “No Confidence” vote by the citizens means that all those in power at the Federal level resign and we can vote for an entirely new group of Representatives, who will work only on restoring America.

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